Archiv cultural Tujetsch Sedrun

The new house for the history and culture of Tujetsch

The Archiv cultural Tujetsch in Sedrun brings together numerous, diverse documents from the local popu-lation of Tujetsch under one roof. The building was designed by the well-known architect Gion A. Caminada. The Archiv cultural Tujetsch will be inaugurated in December 2024. The new accommodation will be the first new building constructed for a cultural archive throughout Graubünden. In addition to the archive itself, the building will house, among other things, a library, a hall and a workroom. Various collections relating to the regional and local history can be found in the Archiv cultural Tujetsch. The material ranges from historical deeds, school and church registers, films and photographs to a collec-tion of Rhaeto-Romansh literature. The cultural archive collaborates with the Museum La Truaisch which is located nearby.

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Forum cultural Tujetsch

Via Alpsu 62

7188 Sedrun

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