Bündner Naturmuseum

Graubünden’s competence centre for natural history

As a documentation and research centre, the Graubünden Natural History Museum exhibits the natural history of Graubünden in its rich variety. Guided tours, lectures and excursions, courses and research projects are as much a part of museum operations as are permanent exhibitions of flora and fauna and geological history of Graubünden. The museum attaches importance to communication of ecological relationships that is understandable for all age groups. Single objects of public interest such as the most substantial gold strike in Switzerland or a brown bear immigrated in 2007 are integrated into the thematic exhibitions on geology and Graubünden mammals. Special exhibitions complete the richly-varied programme. The museum building opened in 1981 was designed by the architect Bruno Giacometti (1907-2012). The Graubünden Natural History Museum maintains various collections from the fields of geology (including fossils), mineralogy, zoology and botany. The oldest collections were established 200 years ago and others in more recent times. The collections of scientific significance are located within the cultural treasure protection room of the museum and can be inspected by arrangement.

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Bündner Naturmuseum Chur

Masanserstrasse 31

7000 Chur

Tel. +41 (0)81 257 28 41



Access to the database: https://naturmuseum.gr.ch/de/sammlung

Access to the library catalog: https://www.opac.gr.ch

For the latest information on opening hours, admission prices and guided tours, visit the institution's website.

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