Cathedral Treasure Museum

The sacred museum

The treasures of Chur cathedral consist largely of reliquaries and liturgical objects that originally belonged to the mediaeval furnishings of the cathedral and the monastic church of St. Lucius. All in all, the treasures of Chur cathedral illustrate the sacred history of the diocese that spans 1,500 years from its foundation until present times. In the museum, there is also a monumental cycle of images of death from 1543 after motives by Hans Holbein the Younger (approx. 1497-1543). The treasures of Chur cathedral is a sacred collection which primarily includes reliquaries (receptacles for keeping or displaying sacred relics of saints) and altar objects. One of the oldest objects is small Roman ivory medication container which is also used a reliquary. Larger reliquaries are in the form of shrines, for example a shrine from 1252 dedicated to St. Lucius.

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Domschatzmuseum Chur

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