Festungsmuseum Crestawald

Historical artillery fortifications at the southern boundary of Graubünden

After sixty years as a secret defence installation, the Crestawald artillery fortifications near Sufers were converted, in 2001, into a museum of military history. The fortress, which has been maintained in its original state, gives visitors a good idea of how the territory went about defending itself during the period up to the end of the Cold War. The fortress started life in the Second World War as a set of artillery fortifications, costing 2.7 million Swiss francs of the day, equipped with two heavy guns, designed to block any north-south link-up between Italy and the other axis powers. The two heavy guns, known as Lukrezia and Silvia, were positioned in order to be able to hold the San Bernardino and Splügen passes under fire. The museum places in context the history and technology of this fortress, which once housed 95 soldiers. The fortress is also a venue for regular special exhibitions. These defensive fortifications were originally equipped with two heavy fixed guns and two large machine guns, which can still be seen in the present-day museum, along with the original machine room, communications centre, emergency operations room, accommodation, command post and workshop. The exhibition includes panels designed to provide information on the technical details and history of the fortress. Audio guides are also provided for the convenience of visitors.

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Festungsmuseum Crestawald Sufers


7434 Sufers

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