Heimatmuseum und Kulturarchiv Arosa-Schanfigg

The place of cultural encounter in Arosa

The Schanfigg-Arosa Folk Museum which houses exhibits on day-to-day mountain life in pre-industrial times, occupies one of the oldest houses in Arosa, the Eggahuus, for which records date back to the year 1550. The large guest area, which once doubled as a «Hennachebia», or winter accommodation for hens, is now used as a venue for various cultural events. The museum sees itself as a place of cultural encounter in this respect. The museum includes, along with other attractions, a fully-recreated weaver’s workshop and a side-chamber containing a domestic-sized organ and harmonium. The museum houses a large archive with interesting documents and also shows how Arosa transformed itself, from the late 19th century onwards, from a rural Walser settlement into a mountain, health and sport resort. The Schanfigg-Arosa Folk Museum houses a large collection of historic utensils and implements, antique sports equipment and stuffed animals. The museum’s storage facility is in the Leinegga house, which also provides extra exhibition space. The Folk Museum maintains an archive and manages various secondary sites, including a “culture kiosk” in the local town hall.

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Heimatmuseum Arosa-Schanfigg

Egga-Hus 508

7050 Arosa

Tel. +41 (0)79 676 56 58



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