Institut dal Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun

Publisher of the largest Romansh Dictionary

The Institut dal Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun (IDRG) collects and scientifically documents all of the Romansh language’s words, collocations and sayings. The IDRG is the publisher of the largest Romansh dictionary, the Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun (DRG). The DRG contains the entire vocabulary of all the regional Romansh varieties (referred to as idioms) and dialects and is one of Switzerland’s four national dictionaries. The institute is supported by the Societad Retorumantscha (SRR).

After Robert von Planta’s (1864–1937) initiation, the DRG’s first editor, Florian Melcher (1875–1913) took up his post in December 1904. Together with Chasper Pult (1869–1939) they collected a large amount of language material by means of questionnaires, which the editorial staff still rely on today. The Cartoteca maistra (main card index system), which was established by the founders and is constantly being expanded, contains over two million records of spoken and written Romansh. Ever since 1939, the articles have been published in alphabetical order in fascicles in A4 format. At the end of each volume there are detailed indices whose core element is a linguistic-historical overview (sounds, morphology, syntax, word-formation, lexicology, characteristics and structure of Romansh). The DRG can also be accessed online.

The IDRG has an extensive library and more than 30,000 photographs at its disposal. The DRG’s reference library is one of the best-stocked Romansh collections, especially as regards older prints. In addition to language and literature, the collection also includes material pertaining to history, folklore and onomastics. From the very beginning, the IDRG has been collecting visual material from all over Graubünden and on Alpine culture. Numerous photographs can be accessed in the Fototeca Online.

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