Kulturarchiv Oberengadin

The Engadine archive of historical diversity

For saving the culture heritage from decay or destruction through to communicating the cultural diversity of the Upper Engadine and the bordering communities: At the Upper Engadine Culture Archive, collections and unexhibited works have been saved that, without the founders, would either be lying in an attic or even not exist anymore. This archive, set up as a museum, has grown since 1988 to become a significant centre of collection, inventory, documentation, communication and information. The contents range from natural historical collections via almost all facets of culture through to documents covering the history of tourism. The de Planta-Samedan Foundation rents out the rooms of this representative patrician house to the Upper Engadine Culture Archive. Photographs, architectural designs, postcards, drawings, a collection of butterflies or decoration designs. The diverse collection contents really make the cultural archive a place where a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited. The intensive research and inventory work has made the archive into a scientific place that is open to all interested parties.

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Kulturarchiv Oberengadin Samedan

Chesa Planta

Mulins 2

7503 Samedan

Tel. +41 (0)81 852 35 31



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