Rätisches Museum

The historical museum of Graubünden

he Raetian Museum recounts the history of Graubünden, using a selection of exhibits from the Museum’s comprehensive collection of some 100,000 objects. The top three floors of this baroque patrician house, which was built in 1675 for a local noble named Paul von Buol zu Strassberg und Rietberg (1634-1697), are dedicated to the subject-areas of “Power and Politics”, “Work and Daily Bread” and “Knowledge and Beliefs”. This configuration allows the museum to deal with specific social, economic and cultural historical questions, instead of following the strictly–chronological layout of conventional museums of this type. The ground floor is reserved for special exhibitions, while the basement houses an archaeological exhibition entitled “Finds and Discoveries” – a selection of objects dating from the Stone Age to early mediaeval times. The Raetian Museum’s collection includes more than 100,000 objects from all historical eras, dating from the Stone Age onwards. The Museum is able to exhibit about a tenth of its entire collection at any one time. The Raetian Museum often holds special exhibitions designed to highlight specific aspects of the history of the canton of Graubünden and its context within the history of Switzerland in general.

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Rätisches Museum Chur

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