Segantini Museum St. Moritz

The museum with the most comprehensive collection of works by Segantini

With his symbolist and divisionalist painting, Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899) substantially made his mark upon the artistic aesthetic of the mountain world. The most famous works of the artist are to be found at the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz. Opened in 1908, the museum does not just house the largest and most significant collection worldwide of Segantini’s works but the building itself draws reference from the work of Segantini: The rotunda building planned by Nikolaus Hartmann (1880-1956) pays tribute to the pavilion which Segantini had planned for his giant Engadine panorama at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. The famous Alpine triptych about the circle of life (“Becoming, being, passing away”) that originated from this panoramic intention can be viewed in the domed hall of the museum. Apart from the famous Alpine triptych “Becoming, being, passing away”, there are some 50 works by the artist who is known as the father of the renaissance Alpine painting in the St. Moritz Segantini Museum (renovated by Engadine architect Hans-Jörg Ruch in 1999), including such significant works as “Ave Maria at the crossing” (1890/1892) or “La vita” (1896/1899).

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Segantini Museum St. Moritz

Via Somplaz 30

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