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Cookies are small text files that are exchanged between the web browser and the hosting server. Cookies are stored on the user's computer for the duration of his or her visit to the website and transmitted to the hosting server. In the web browser they use, users can restrict or generally prevent the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in the browser. Previously stored cookies can be deleted at any time.

On the one hand, cookies are used to collect statistical data, such as the number of visitors to the Porta Cultura. On the other hand, cookies are technically necessary to ensure the secure and correct operation of the Porta Cultura. If cookies are deactivated for the Porta Cultura, this may mean that the website cannot be displayed or used to its full extent.

No data is collected through which the actual user can be traced. No personalised data analysis or data analysis for marketing or profiling purposes is conducted. All cookies expire when the current session ends or when the user leaves the Porta Cultura.

For the purpose of analysing the use of the Porta Cultura and improving it where appropriate, the open-source web analysis service Matomo is used. This tool makes it possible to understand user behaviour and thus optimise the Porta Cultura. Matomo uses cookies and similar technologies to store information about the use of the Porta Cultura on the hosting server in Switzerland. The information generated by the cookies about the use of the Porta Cultura is not passed on to third parties.


The content of the Porta Cultura website is provided in encrypted format. SSL/TLS encryption ensures that all data transmitted between the user and the Porta Cultura is encrypted and thus protected against unauthorised access.

Integrated Services

Porta Cultura uses third-party services to provide certain features or services on the website.

OpenStreetMap, YouTube and Sketchfab are integrated on some pages of the Porta Cultura. These may use cookies.

Server Location

The server used by the Amt für Kultur Graubünden to operate the Porta Cultura is located in Switzerland. This ensures that data is processed and stored in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations in Switzerland.


The Amt für Kultur Graubünden reserves the right to adapt its privacy policy at any time with effect in the future, should the implementation of new technologies or the legal situation make such an amendment necessary. The Amt für Kultur Graubünden therefore invites you to regularly visit this privacy policy.

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