Palazzo Castelmur

The Palace of Confectioners' history

What is probably the most unusual building in the Bregaglia valley is up on the Coltura hill near Stampa: The Palazzo Castelmur in Venetian-Lombard style is reminiscent of a Moorish fortress, but also contains an exhibition of Graubünden confectionery history and an archive. Using an existing Redolfi house, the businessman Giovanni Castelmur (1800-1871) had the palazzo built between 1848 and 1854 by various Milanese specialists. However, the castle-like palazzo is no indication of mediaeval and feudal history, but rather refers to the history of the Graubünden migration. Giovanni Castelmur’s father was a confectioner in Marseille and Giovanni Castelmur became a wealthy businessman by continuing to run the business. Upon returning to his original home in the Bregaglia valley, Giovanni Castelmur achieved standing not just as a building developer, but also as a philanthropist. Contained within the palazzo are a museum presenting the history of Graubünden confectioners, an archive and also a meeting place for young people. With its trompe l’oeil paintings, carpets and varnished panelling, the interior of the Palazzo Castelmur presents a more dignified appearance than the outside. The rooms document the particular skills of Lombard artists and craftsmen.

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Palazzo Castelmur Stampa

Coltura 51

7605 Stampa/Coltura

Tel. +41 (0)81 822 15 54

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